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Early Years
Foundation Stage


Following the revision in September 2021 our nurseries plan activities and experiences for the children within the seven areas of learning. The EYFS is split into two age groups, birth to three and foundation stage (3-4yrs) which then continues into reception at school. The seven areas of learning are split into two categories, prime and specific. Prime areas are the basis for all children's development and are a focus for the children under the age of 2. The specific areas then extend the children’s learning once embedded in the prime areas.

Prime area's of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED).

  • Communication and Language (C+L).

  • Physical Development (PD).

  • Specific area's of learning:

  • Literacy (L).

  • Mathematics (M).

  • Understanding the World (UTW).

  • Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).

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    Confident, Resilient, Independent.

    At Footsteps Day Nurseries we have core principles for children. We strongly believe in order for children to thrive in life they need to be "Confident Communicators", "Resilient Resolvers" and "Independent Investigators", linking directly to the Early Years Foundation Stage’s (EYFS) prime areas of development, which are Communication and Language (CL) Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) and Physical Development (PD), these prime areas underpin all of the child's learning and development, and at Footsteps we focus on these core and crucial areas of learning and development.

    Throughout a child’s journey at nursery these core principles will thread through all of their teaching and learning from their starting points up to their reports that are sent on to school for their transitions into reception, this will enable our families to always see how their child is progressing.

    Outdoor Learning

    Daily outdoor play is an important part of children's learning.

    The great outdoors offers many new learning experiences as well as boosting mental, physical well-being and confidence. Our nurseries allow for continuous learning in both the inside and outside spaces and further ensure that the children attain their highest learning potential.

    Our outdoors areas have been specifically designed to ensure the children have access to open air environments all year round as well as being able to provide a variety of experiences for them, not just bikes and running around but bespoke sand and water facilities as well as forest school provisions.


    Extra Curriculum

    More opportunities to learn.

    Children at Footsteps Day Nurseries take part in many fun and beneficial extra curriculum activities such as gardening, cooking, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and sport, broadening each child's opportunities and experiences, by providing variety to their activities and teaching the children valuable life skills in addition to furthering their education.

    We are really fortunate to be able to provide our children with activities delivered by external providers. We pride ourselves on working with local specialists who come into nursery and give our children the opportunity to take part in new experiences such as Jo Jingles, Didi Rugby, French Lessons, Tiny Ducks and Pyjama Drama.

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