at footsteps nurseries

Safety and Security

Every step is taken to guarantee the safety of your child.

We recognise that it is essential to ensure that every step is taken to guarantee the safety and security of the children in our care. We work hard to create an environment where everyone is fully protected but without it being overbearing.

Our biometric fingerprint entry systems are installed at all entrances, this ensures access for our families to effortlessly enter and exit our nursery when collecting children as well as ensuring the safety of all those on site. Our staff complete a range of training to also ensure the children remain safe, including child protection and paediatric first aid.


Indoor Environment

Enriching spaces to explore all areas of learning.

Our indoor environments are clean, clear and follow a neutral colour scheme. Our focus is on the activities and experiences that are created for the children, with this in mind our environments boast a modern 'home from home' aesthetic to ensure the children are settled, comfortable and ready to learn. Each age group in the nursery has their own room to explore with resources and activities that are relevant to their age group and developmental stage.

Outdoor Environment

We love the great outdoors!

Our outdoor environments are enclosed and safe but a fun place for the children to explore the outdoors in the open air. Many of our nurseries have their own sand play area and water play area with a pump system for the children to use to pump their own water through the area, float their boats or fish! We also have bike tracks for the children to spend time developing their skills riding bikes with pedals. Our spaces are versatile to ensure the staff are able to bring the indoors out and continue the children’s learning outside.



We care for, and upkeep our nurseries!

Our long standing, dedicated maintenance team work hard to keep our nurseries in working order, ensuring that our buildings and outside spaces are safe and secure whilst maintaining our high standards, from fixing broken resources or a spot of paint to full renovations! Our friendly maintenance technicians are always on hand to keep our nurseries feeling rejuvenated, keep an eye out for their vans and say hello!


Upgrading, expanding, and giving back to our settings.

At Footsteps, we know the importance of re-investment, that’s why we are always looking for new ways to give back to our nurseries, from regularly updating resources, installing the latest innovative technology, from building additional spaces to outside space renovations and extensions, we are always investing in our nurseries to ensure they have the very best of everything and continue to grow in new and exciting ways.

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