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Our Nursery Cooks 

Dedicated and Experienced

Each Footsteps Nursery has an on-site, qualified cook with experience and understanding in cooking for the youngest children. Not only do we ensure they have up to date advanced food safety training but knowledge and experience in allergies and allergens. Our cooks pride themselves in the food they provide and their involvement with the children in the nursery, regularly working with the staff to ensure all the children's needs are met. No matter what your child's dietary requirements are, we will accommodate their needs.


Promoting Healthy Relationships with Food

a day, every day!

Footsteps recognise the importance of healthy eating and a balanced, nutritious diet. Our nurseries produce fresh meals every day on-site using fresh produce, ensuring that the children have a varied menu featuring lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Weaning children is a parents most anxious time; to give the children the confidence to try and enjoy new tastes and textures, we work together with our families to ensure this transition for the child is successful for their future food experiences.

Enhancing Life Skills

Learning that lasts a lifetime.

We believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times where skills can be developed and new foods tasted. We employ a variety of strategies to encourage healthy relationships with food, including weaning either baby led or spoon feeding. We encourage our older children to self-serve their meals as well as taking part in Cooking Club sessions which are delivered by our Nursery Cooks. The children's committee within the nursery will also use their democratic skills to decide on menu or meal ideas which they are able to then sample.


Additional Requirements

We cater for all children.

We are able to cater for any allergy, religious or dietary requirement. Every member of our nursery staff are trained on the knowledge and understanding of allergies and allergens to ensure the safety of every child whilst in our care and during their mealtimes.

Our Meals


The children are offered a variety of snacks during the day. In the morning the children will be given milk to drink to ensure they have their recommended daily allowance. We also make sure that fresh fruit is available during the day which is always well received by the children.


Children at nursery first thing in the morning, they are offered breakfast, from a selection of low sugar cereals, crumpets, toast or fresh fruit. There is something for everyone and the children start their day well-nourished with their friends.


The main meal of our day has a selection of many exciting dishes which include pasta, rice, couscous or potato. The menu samples dishes from a variety of different cultures to ensure our children are able to experience and taste new and exciting flavours from all around the world.


Our high tea consists of a variety of foods including pittas, sandwiches, soup and tea cakes, which will see them through until home time.

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