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What is Forest School?

Outdoor learning and play!

Forest School is an exciting educational approach to outdoor play and learning. The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences, developing their confidence and resilience. Its philosophy focuses closely on giving children opportunities that they would not ordinarily have whilst in the outdoors, understanding their environment and recognising the importance of the natural world to our lives.


Forest School Leader

Passionate and experienced.

Forest School is a particular passion at Footsteps, each of our sites has its own trained practitioners and all of the children, no matter how young, get the opportunity to enjoy this innovative learning environment. The Forest School Leader is trained to provide a safe environment for the children to explore whether roaming, using tools for purpose or lighting and using fires for cooking, our leaders are passionate about the outdoors and spend time sharing this with the children.

The benefits of Forest School

Educational, motivating and fun!

During a session in Forest School children will increase their confidence and self-esteem, group cohesion and sense of community. The children learn to understand their own and others needs and can support with developing empathy, understanding of healthy choices and heightening self-awareness. Behaviour modification including self-regulation is a huge learning experience during Forest School and understanding risk and how to stay safe, including knowledge of the natural environment but most of all we always have lots of fun!


Fire Lighting and Campfires

Building confidence.

Part of Forest School is about learning to light and use fires. Forest School is a learning programme over a period of weeks where the children build up their confidence within the environment and within themselves to ensure they create a space that they understand, know how to use safely and eventually use to provide food and shelter, not only with den building but building, lighting and using fires too.

Supervised Use Of Tools

Using tools for a purpose!

The children’s journey in Forest School also enables them to learn skills allowing them to safety and appropriately use tools in this environment. Those tools maybe hand drills, hammers,  pins, potato peelers and for those with confidence and where it's appropriate, the supervised use of hand saws and shears.


All Weather Activities 

Rain or shine!

We pride ourselves on ensuring the children are consistently able to access the outdoors in all weathers. Each of our nurseries have wetsuits and wellies available for the children to use during inclement weather and some of the best memories are made jumping in muddy puddles and using umbrellas outside in the rain!

Safety & Risk Assesments

Safety always comes first.

All of our activities, experiences and facilities are subjected to many safety and risk assessments. The nurseries have daily risk assessments that are completed to ensure the safety of the building on opening as well as each time the children access the outdoor spaces. There are also risk assessments for each of the activities provided for the children to ensure safe practices, experiences and environments for the children.


The Great Outdoors

Whatever the weather!

Our nurseries have brilliant outdoor spaces and spend many hours outside learning about many aspects of the natural world. The nurseries will also use their local area to take the children to explore, many of our sites have great local spaces with parks, canals, castles, and nature reserves to visit and learn all about. Our teams love taking the children out in the 'Turtle Bus' particularly the youngest ones to ensure they are familiar with the areas around them.

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